23| Pick Me A'merica
This week TWB is joined by my friend Claudia (@gomezclaudiaaa) and artist JD6 returned! (@jordond_6)! We opened up with some accidental only fans talk and then talked about my first comedy show back! From there the conversation got a little wild in the breakdown of "pick me culture" ! Bobby thinks pick me girls are necessary to the ecosystem of dating and Claudia pretty much said FOH! In aisle 4 we discussed Jada Pinkett Smith EMBARRASSING Will Smith yet again, and our takes on Mark Philips (@supremedreams_1) from RDC World possibly playing legendary comedian Bernie Mac in biopic. The Sound Bar this week "FWM" by Tone Stith & "Drowning" by ITS HAB Thanks for listening ! *Take Two's , 5:45 Bobby's lyrics of the week, 7:20 Back On Stage, 19:00 pick me culture !!, *Aisle 4 39:36 Jada Pinkett Smith EMBARRASSES Will Smith, 49:00 Mark Phillips could be playing Bernie Mac in biopic. FWM by Tone Stith , Drowning by ITS HAB.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bobby-brown-jr4/support

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