Do you need some extra energy? Yes please.

I wish I had as much energy as my kids do. They don't seem to lack it whatsoever, especially boys.

In todays episode, I introduce you to Linsey Dalton. She is a mom to 2 girls. She is also a pharmacist and founder of The Energy Reboot Method. She helps busy moms increase their energy so they can lose weight, enjoy time with their families, and get more done. She spent years in trial and error trying to increase her energy so it became her life mission to help other moms struggling with fatigue do the same

In todays episode you will learn
->Why drinking coffee on an empty stomach in the morning actually gives you sugar crashes and increases your stress hormone
->That intense workout sometimes take away too much energy
->The power of meditation for decreasing your stress and increasing energy

Tune into todays episode to learn HOW you can increase your energy levels by doing simple, practical shifts on a daily basis.

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