31. Simple self care ideas for moms // Sara Miller {self care coach}

What do you think when you hear the words self care?

I used to think its bubble baths,  massages,  or going to a nail salon. Something that involves spending money. My first thought was 'its expensive, I can't afford it'. 

Today we have a guest, Sara Miller and we break down the stigma around self care. There are many ways you can take care of yourself for FREE that will truly fill up your cup and bring out the best version of you. 

Self care is taking care of yourself so you feel your best because when you feel your best you can show up as a better mom, wife and a better you! - Sara Miller 

Self care will look different in different seasons of your life. Sara has a free gift for you below where you can learn which type of self care will support you best right now.    

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