#359 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

After nearly 50 years of hiding, Leatherface returns to terrorize a group of idealistic young friends who accidentally disrupt his carefully shielded world in a remote Texas town.

On this week’s episode…

Join the crew as we discuss Leatherface, Sally Hardesty, and Fede Alvarez in David Blue Garcia’s sequel to an all time classic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022).


Show Notes:

Housekeeping (2:38)

Back of the Box/Recommendations (6:47)

Spoiler Warning/Full Review (11:03)

Rotten Tomatoes (73:13)

Trivia (78:58)

Cooter of the Week (86:23)

What We’ve Been Watching (90:38)

Hotline Scream (102:21)


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