#379 – Exploring the Magic of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes

Dust off your favorite Calvin and Hobbes book, and join us for the latest installment of our artist spotlight series. We're analyzing the life and career of one of comic's most private and beloved creators: Bill Watterson.  Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube


  • Remembering our first Calvin and Hobbes strip - 00:10:25
  • A crash course into the life/career of Bill Watterson - 00:18:30
  • The best Calvin and Hobbes strips to read  - 00:29:10
  • What themes are relevant in Calvin and Hobbes? - 00:45:49
  • What makes Bill Watterson's art style unique? - 00:49:32
  • Why is there no Calvin and Hobbes merchandise?  - 00:55:58
  • Ben's Top 3 Comic Picks - 01:08:34
  • Invincible S2 teaser trailer reaction - 01:27:38


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Proudly sponsored by Collective Con!

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