Ryan Crowe is the head of marketing and community at Shortboxed, the fastest growing app to buy & sell graded comic books, and he's on the show this week with Badr, and Zack from Comic Ventures, to talk about the company's thriving community of collectors, and their upcoming Shortboxed Live event. Watch the video version of this podcast on YouTube!


  • An introduction to Ryan Crowe & Shortboxed - 07:39
  • How the Shortboxed app came to be - 17:29
  • Building a community and a modern, mobile marketplace - 27:01
  • What to expect at Shortboxed LIVE - 40:56
  • Shortboxed LIVE special guests: Comic artist charades game - 47:55
  • Ben's Top 3 comic picks of the week - 54:55
  • Comic grails and rare comics - 01:06:17

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