39| We're Gonna Need A Bigger Couch
Finally back in the home studio after 3 weeks of interviews! We opened up this episode on a phone call with Comedy Zone Marketing Manager Jenna, who was tasked with taking on the Karen who interrupted Affion Crockett Friday night on stage. The viral video shows Jenna politely explaining to this lady that she f*cked up big time! It made The Shade Room, TMZ and im honored to have such a viral celeb on the show. Bobby talks opening for Ali Siddiq and Tony Roberts, works out new material around Jacksonville, plus a story of an absolutely HILARIOUS bomb. *VIKTORIYA'S OFFICIAL COHOST ANNOUNCEMENT* Is it stupid to make up fake enemies for motivation? & Judah is preparing for a BIG movie role. 1:00 On the phone with Jenna, 14:00 Bobby and Vik recap the last 3 HUGE interviews, 20:00 Bobby BOMBS on stage,  22:57 Announcements, 32:00 We don't have enough haters, Viktoriya creates fake enemies, 35:00 Ending the personal beef with Pete [email protected] @vik.ach.ka @judahriteThe Sound Bar Bobby - Westside Gunn "Mr. T"Viktoriya - Taylor Swift "All Too Well" (Taylors Version)--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bobby-brown-jr4/support

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