A Lesson in Leadership… Can We Go Back To The Future?

Welcome back to Season 2!
In Season 1, I asked you to borrow my binoculars and have a look at this city of Jacksonville- our strengths and opportunities.

As we stand poised on the precipice of a new mayor, I wanted to gain perspective from what many call the BEST in the business here. 

I want to know- does authenticity, transparency and empathy have to exist in order to cultivate a climate of trust and build consensus?
Can leadership be learned or does it have to be innate?
And that is what we are going to tackle today…

This episode’s guest, John Delaney, is the Flagler College President, the President Emeritus of the University of North Florida, and the former Mayor of Jacksonville, the largest city in land area in the continental U.S. 

His tenure is marked by the Better Jacksonville Plan, a $2.5 billion capital improvement plan, and the Preservation Project, creating a 100-square-mile park system, the largest of its kind for a city in the country. He served two terms and was elected without opposition for his second term, all of which he talks about in this episode. 

Visit : https://www.flagler.edu to see how John is leading the #2 best regional college in the South, according to US News and World report.

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