Amity-Phil Horror: Shadow People

@PhilTheFilipino is back with a brand new episode of Amity-Phil Horror. This week, he tackles the terrifying phenomenon that is shadow people & he brought along a guest! Amaris Riddle from "My Riddle Kitchen" over on YouTube. Phil & Amaris both have a passion for real-life spooky stories, so naturally they teamed up to bring you some of the lore & first hand encounters.

My Riddle Kitchen: Hi! I'm Amaris, a Dallas-based girl living out her dream of being a professional chef. I proudly run Sugar Fang Vegan Bakery, and create vegan menu items for BrainDead Brewing, both located in Deep Ellum, Texas. When I'm not at the bakery I'm making a mess crafting recipes in my kitchen at home. I hope you enjoy my traditional recipes made vegan!

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Title: "Why?"

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