Amity-Phil Horror with Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast

Welcome back to another haunting episode of The Amity-PHIL Horror!

This month, @PhilTheFilipino welcomed in Misty from the Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast! Misty discusses what their jobs are as paranormal investigators and lists some of the spookiest destinations they’ve visited!

About the Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast:

Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast is comprised of individuals who are professional, knowledgable and sympathetic to the needs of persons experiencing something they can not explain or believed to be paranormal. The investigation process consists of controlled, positive lines of questioning as to gain an understanding of the situation. Everything PFC Paranormal does is done with the utmost respect to each persons rituals and beliefs and in no way will desecrate the memory of a loved one in spirit or in the flesh.

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