Black to the Future
What is god blockheads, this is the final week of our Black History month series. We talked about the things that have shaped my past, and the people impacting the present media today. So it's only right that we dive deep into the future of Blackness and the way the next generation will make history on their own. We go around the net and talk more about "The Batman" and all the developments, The NY Toy Fair and so much more. I'll be putting all the links and scheduled dates from the show here so you can keep up with your Friendly Neighborhood Nerd.

Feb. 29th- Champ7 Pro Wrestling Night of Champions

March 7th-8th- InfinityCon Lake City

March 28th- Duval Comics and Zine Festival

Crown Talk Podcast with crowned ReRe-

Microsoft Creates New Icons (TheVerge article)-

Living Heroes Kickstarter-

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