Bonus #1: R(ank).E.M. (R.E.M. and Royal Palm Brewing Company)

This podcast was the result of a long discussion during the pandemic. There was a lot of talk, but no action. So, Barry bought the basic gear required to record a simple podcast, and wrapped it up for Abigail for Christmas in 2020.

During that holiday break, Barry and Abigail put the equipment together to test it, and recorded a brief sample podcast to see if they thought it was worth pushing forward. Today, as a bonus episode, we are going to share that original recording!

Barry and Abigail rank their top five R.E.M. albums and share their favorite song from each album. Guess what! We have similar taste in music! We also taste Bubba Shet from Royal Palm Brewing Company in Royal Palm Beach, Florida and hear the long-awaited answer to the question “When did Barry first hear of R.E.M.?”.

Check out the playlist of Barry’s and Abigail’s favorite songs from their favorite R.E.M. albums!

Find out how Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys came up in the podcast!

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