Bonus #5: Greet the Hummels… and Friends! (Original Holiday Songs by Friends of the Podcast)

We wish all of you a healthy and happy holiday season!

We are excited to share this very special bonus episode with all of you. Several friends of the podcast, musicians who have already appeared or will be making their debut in early 2022, were kind enough to share their Christmas greetings… and their Christmas songs… for our Pops on Hops fans!

So, pour yourself an eggnog, settle in, and enjoy the magical “Christmas presence” provided by our friends!

Paul Zawacki - and his daughter Hannah - shared an original Christmas song by The Procession, All I Want is Nothing For Christmas This Year (Pops on Hops exclusive!). Be sure to catch our discussion of The Procession and our interview with members of the band from last spring.

Matt Carlson (Harborcoat, The Stick Arounds) shared his cover of Old Toy Trains by Roger Miller (Pops on Hops exclusive!). Matt will be joining us early in 2022 to discuss Harborcoat's 2021 release, Joy is Elusive.

Austin shared his brand new Christmas single, Christmas Kiss (arranged and produced by Ian Rees), available on iTunes. Ian Rees made his Pops on Hops debut last fall to discuss his most recent solo album, Panic Induced Love. Also, be sure to check out Austin's 2021 release, TTYL.

Jack Cornell, bass player with Terry Anderson and the O.A.K. Team, shared their original song Eggnogorant. Jack will be joining us early in 2022 to discuss his recent solo album, One In Wins.

To wrap it up, Abigail and Barry share their 2007 family holiday greeting, recorded in the style of The Beatles 1963 Christmas fan club single.

Be sure to join us next week for our review of A Fab Four Christmas, Volume. 1 by The Fab Four.

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