Bonus: R(ank).E.M. Again, Matt Carlson!

As part of our five-hour interview of Matt Carlson (Harborcoat, The Stick Arounds, The Pantones) featured on Friends Are Inclusive (Harborcoat & Bell's Brewery), we asked Matt to rank his top five R.E.M. albums.

We present that conversation to you here, approximately one year after we released our own R.E.M. album rankings on R(ank).E.M. (R.E.M. and Royal Palm Brewing Company).

Matt and Barry met as Patreon subscribers of Stand Up! with Pete Dominick.

Check out the playlist of Barry’s and Abigail’s favorite songs from their favorite R.E.M. albums.

We also created a playlist of Matt’s favorite songs from his favorite R.E.M. albums!

Jingles are by our friend Pete Coe.

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