Collapse Into the Catalog, Part 1 (R.E.M. and Odd Breed Wild Ales)

In part 1 of our pilot episode, Barry and Abigail speak “comprehensively and encyclopedically” about the first six albums in R.E.M.’s catalog, based on a challenge from R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME?, and taste Embla from Odd Breed Wild Ales in Pompano Beach, Florida.

For the real music nerds among you, we have compiled full playlists for all of the albums and the three-track “sandwiches” we discussed:

Collapse Into the (Full) Catalog - Barry’s Picks

Collapse Into the (Full) Catalog - Abigail’s Picks

Collapse Into the Catalog Sandwiches - Barry’s Picks

Collapse Into the Catalog Sandwiches - Abigail’s Picks

Watch Abigail learn how to walk to the tune of one of R.E.M.’s “dumb pop songs.”

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