Conversation Or Conversion? Jerusalem Or Jacksonville?

In April, I attended an Interfaith Panel Discussion followed by a Kosher for Passover- Iftar break the fast. 

The discussion was about what comes after death… But I was totally taken by the life in the room. The connection to God, and commitment to curiosity, was palpable. There seemed to be no wrong answers. The program began with the Jewish evening prayers and concluded with something I have never before stood to witness- but have heard hundreds of times before- in Israel- the Muslim call to prayer. 

How is it that a woman who has felt the holiness of Jerusalem, felt deja vu in Jacksonville? And that is what we are going to tackle today…

In this episode I speak with the co-host and moderator of that evening, Rev. Rebekah Hutto, the Executive Director of the Interfaith Center of Northeast Florida.

In addition to being a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Hutto is also an accomplished author, having written several children’s books, “The Day God Made Church” and “Paul and His Friends”, as well as contributing to various curricula.  

Rev. Hutto is a Master of Divinity graduate from Duke University Divinity School and received an undergraduate degree from Wofford College. Her husband, Rev. Dr. B.J. Hutto, is the senior minister at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church.

More on the Interfaith Center of Northeast Florida here:

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