Sam Schopler, a third-year veterinary student, has a unique background that sets him apart from his peers. With family connections in veterinary medicine, Sam initially explored other areas of interest such as basketball and international research in Madagascar. Through his work at Pet Desk, a company that automates marketing and client communications for veterinary hospitals, Sam has gained valuable insights into how to build strong networks within the veterinary community. His passion for understanding diverse perspectives and advocating for colleagues makes him an inspiring and influential figure in the field.

 Episode highlights include

1. Discover unique and adaptable veterinary career paths to broaden your professional horizons. 

2. Strengthen your connections within the veterinary community for mutual collaboration and growth. 

3. Uncover the impact of technology and corporate influence on the future of veterinary medicine. Ignite curiosity, personal growth, and an unwavering passion for animal welfare to excel in your profession.


Pet Desk: 

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