Ep.14 – 45's Night

Recorded on May 15th with a full ensemable, this month's theme is centered on 45's! The crew discuss the pros and cons of the smaller vinyl format (00:04:35), and examine their personal requirements for designating a classic album, and boundaries when it comes to "controversial" artists and topics in music (00:22:04)
The Records (00:16:54): 

  • Yanira: Prince & The Revolution - Kiss
  • Adrian: Bill Withers - Better Off Dead
  • Adrian (aka AMC/Hollywood): Instafunk - Wide World of Sports
  • Badr: Willie Evans - After the Love

Rewind-Spin (Songs of the month) (00:42:34):

  • Yanira: Megan Thee Stallion - Plan B
  • Adrian: Yendry - KI-KI
  • Freddie: LATENIGHTJIGGY- Úsame 
  • Adrian (AMC): Kodack Black - Super Gremlin & Play Nice - Pick Up Your Phone
  • Badr: Sir - Satisfaction


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Nexxt Spin is a vinyl collective based out of Jax, FL, comprised of five friends united by a love of music in the analog form and themed vinyl meet-ups. Join the crew every month for conversations about different music genres, record collecting, and personal stories from DJs and other musical guests. Follow along on IG (@Nexxtspin) for visuals and the crew’s weekly “Top 5” playlist.

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