Ep. 14 – “Retirees – Stop Under-spending in Your Go-Go Years”

As a financial professional who specializes in retirement, I would never tell a client to spend MORE than they can.  However, I will tell them what they CAN spend while still maintaining their financial independence.  Oftentimes, it's more than what they are currently spending, especially in the "Go-Go Years" of retirement.  Why is this?  Perhaps the fear of the "what if's" like long-term care, being a burden on their loved ones, not leaving a financial legacy, longevity concerns and more.  In this episode, I'm joined by Justin Fitzpatrick, the Co-Founder of Income Lab.  Income Lab is a retirement income planning software used by financial advisors, including myself, to help solve the question of "how much can I comfortably spend in retirement."  I hope you enjoy the episode and make sure to give us a follow and a 5 star review if you like what we are doing!  We appreciate all of you!

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