EP 16 A Gen-Z's Perspective: Kristen Gmerek of Remember the Sunfowers

Hey Beach Lovers!

Life is crazy right now – and not “crazy good” as I like to say. It's the kind that completely uproots everything you know and turns it inside out kind of crazy.

It's like a movie with wayyyy too many plot twists. 

As if a pandemic and complete economic nightmare wasn’t enough, throw in an earthquake or two, some giant murder hornets (what the what?) and now, unspeakable murders by the police, peaceful citizen protests threatened with tear gas and military force, and Bible brandishing (ok, that was just strange). 

But you know what?  The Beach says: "It’s gonna be OK. We’re gonna be OK." 

I have to admit though, sometimes the Beach speaks, and I’m not so sure I like the message. That's what my guest Kristen Gmerek and I were talking about, recently. She's a beach girl, too – feeling "all the feels" associated with the tides. As we were half lamenting and half laughing about the messages we were receiving, I said, “You know, this is good  – let’s record it!  And so we did. 

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