Ep. 17 Steal My Sunshine with Andy Frye

Andy Frye likes to say this song, Steal My Sunshine is the perfect bookend to the 90's. When you live in Jersey, at the end of the school year everyone heads to Ocean City or Wild Wood.  Andy kinda knew he wasn't going to get an invite to join friends.  Steal My Sunshine lends to the idea of FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out.  Andy did have FOMO as he and his family headed to the Bermuda and his friends, he'd rather be with, headed to the shore!!

Andy is such a fan of music from the 90's that he wrote a book "90 Days in the 90's" where his fictional characters get to go to all kinds of bands.  Andy's wish is to see some bands from the 90's that aren't around anymore and bands that he didn't get to see.

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Memories With A Beat

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