Ep 2 Conscious Business and Mindful Market with Founder, Jim Kupczyk

In this episode, I talk with my good friend Jim Kupczyk, creator and founder of Mindful Market – which is essentially the world’s first on-line marketplace dedicated to serving heart-centered business and creating total well-being - it’s the very essence of “Conscious Commerce.

I don’t know of anyone better than Jim to explain to us what creating conscious community and supporting heart-centered business owners really means. He knows - the blood sweat and tears, finances on a shoestring, keeping momentum with very little sleep - all in the name of service.

With just a simple idea to help better his own health and fitness, coupled with a deep desire to be of service to others, Jim started on his quest to build a one-of-a kind on-line marketplace - and let me tell you – Mindful Market is a game changer

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