EP 20 From the Beach to Shark Tank with Terri Bacheller, founder of “My Beach Tree”

Have you ever had the inspiration to create an amazing product - one that could simplify your life? 
It's so simple  that you're certain someone must have already come up with the idea. Then - surprise, surprise! - you discover it doesn’t exist!  

What would you do? 

That’s exactly what my guest Terri Bacheller, a busy mom with a servant’s heart, was asking herself while at the beach one afternoon, trying to enjoy herself AND keep all the kids “stuff” all in one place.

You know the scene: the kids racing to the water, leaving a trail of wet towels and assorted beach gear in their wake.
Wouldn’t it be great if you had some thing to keep all that stuff together?

That, dear Beach Lovers, is where Terri’s journey to create the “My Beach Tree” began. 

It’s been quite a journey - from market research and development, to auditioning for Shark Tank (a big part of the story) to fundraising . . .

All with the mission to create a product that would SIMPLIFY LIFE so you can STRESS LESS and ENJOY MORE!  

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