EP 21 B is for Benefits Of The Beach with Judi Dunlap and Cathi Taucher

Hey Beach Lovers! 
I know it's been a while - the podcast has been riding the waves of a major transformation with all new content ideas!

Because so many of you loved the episode I did about luxury beach travel with my good friend and beach junkie Judi Dunlap, we came up with the idea to do a weekly series of shorter episodes featuring all the things that spell BEACH:
Every Wednesday we'll be coming to your earbuds with some beachy vibes to help you get over that mid-week slump!

In this episode Judy and I are joined by Cathi Taucher, owner of Destiny Travel. She’s a Vacation & Group Travel Specialist, Master Agent & Certified in Jamaica Travel. 

The Beach is Speaking.  Are You Listening?

If you want to know more about booking your next travel adventure you can email Judi Dunlap at [email protected]
Or, Cathi  Taucher at [email protected] 
THEY are YOUR  Vacation & Group Travel Specialists!

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The Beach Speaks

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