EP 24 C Is For Community At The Beach with Judi Dunlap and Cathi Taucher

Hey Beach Lovers!  

Thank you for diving in and riding the waves of change as the podcast flows - we love connecting YOU with the Beach!

This is the fourth episode in a weekly series I recorded with my good friend and beach junkie Judi Dunlap. After recording episode #17 where Judi and I talked about the true meaning of Luxury Beach travel, we realized there was a LOT more to talk about - so we came up with this weekly series of shorter episodes featuring all the things that spell BEACH:  Benefits, Education, Activities, Community and Happiness!

Joining us with her unique beach-y experience is Cathi Taucher a Vacation & Group Travel Specialist, Master Agent & certified in Jamaica Travel.  

If you want to know more about booking your next travel adventure you can email Judi at [email protected]
or, Cathi at
[email protected] 
You can also search
Destiny Travel and Group Tours on the web!

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