EP 27 Beach Access and Eco-Ableism with Keith Casebonne

Hey Beach Lovers, 

Today’s topic relates to accessibility - to the beach, that is.  

The idea came to me when I heard Keith Casebonne the host of  YOU FIRST, a Disability Rights Florida Podcast, talking about eco-ableism.  

I know, I know I know - you’re thinking  What is that? And, really,  what does  Disability Rights FLorida and the Beach have in common anyway? 

Think: Beach chairs and straws. . .

This episode got me thinking about what I can do to help people connect with the Beach - because, as we beach lovers know, it’s our happy place!  And, everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it.

For more information about what we mentioned in the episode, check out these links:

Disability Rights Florida: www.disabilityrightsflorida.org
You First Podcast www.disabilityrightsflorida.org/podcast
Eco-Ableism Episode: https://disabilityrightsflorida.org/podcast/story/episode_25
Find your P&A: https://www.ndrn.org/about/ndrn-member-agencies/
Accessible Beaches and Parks in Florida: https://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/travel-ideas/accessible-travel-in-florida/accessible-beaches-and-parks-in-florida.html
Florida State Parks with Accessibility Amenities: https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails?parks%5B0%5D=amenities%3A268
Keith Casebonne: [email protected]

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The Beach is Speaking. 
Are you listening?