EP 29 Live at The Beach in Puerto Rico! With Laura Gomez

I’ve been feeling lead to record some shorter episodes where I call up a fellow beach lover who is actually AT the beach , and find out what it’s like where they are - like the “live on scene" reporter” we see on the news - but way more beachy.

When I heard my friend Laura Gomez was traveling to her home town in Puerto Rico, I said “Hey! I’ll call you when you’re there and you can tell me what going on!”

Laura grew up in the small beach town of Luquillo,  located on the northeast coast of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico . This is where she felt an innate deep connection to nature, especially the beach, and learned to trust its guidance. 
Now, as a therapist, she guides others to listen to and trust their inner wisdom, as well as follow its guidance.

If you're wondering why I keep referring to Laura as a "Beach Goddess" well, it’s because she and I are part of a small  “goddess group” that we created a number of years ago, and our favorite place to gather is - you guessed it - the Beach!

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