EP 35 Meet Your Soulmate, Quit Your 9 to 5, and Move to the Beach! My Story

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a holding pattern in the way you’re living your life? You knew that something different needed to happen; you just didn't know how  to make it happen.

It’s like you’re the pilot of a plane circling around and around above the airport, waiting to land because air traffic control told you to “stand by for further instructions” - I mean, you can’t stay up there forever -  pretty soon you’re going to have to land!

That was me.  Until one day I woke up and thought NO. This is NOT how I want to live my life.

What did I do next? I declared: “I want to meet my soulmate, quit my 9 to 5, and move to the beach!”

How did I do it?  Listen to the episode and find out! 

The Beach is speaking. . .

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