Let's talk Beach rituals for a minute - do you have any? If so, what makes them so meaningful? Is it healing? Connection?  And, how about the "perfect" beach body - what do you think about that?

To explore these ideas, I invited a fellow podcaster and beach lover, Chris Angel Murphy (they/them), to talk about their favorite beach rituals - and, what started as a fun conversation about salt baths, hypnotherapy, and cruising the beaches around Los Angeles, quickly morphed into the topic of having the “perfect" beach body.   

Let’s face it, haven’t we all been a little anxious about not having the perfect beach body or felt self-conscious wearing a bathing suit in public, where all your insecurities are laid bare on the beach towel - where everyone can judge those body parts that you prayed would look different. 

What if baring your body felt not just uncomfortable, it actually felt - unsafe?

That was Chris Angel’s experience, and even though they said parts of it felt a little embarrassing to tell, I felt like it was a beautiful opportunity to share and honor ourselves - as we are. Their story is, at times, humorous and yet self-affirming and authentic - and that’s what makes them so relatable. 

While you might not feel like rushing to the nearest topless beach after listening to this episode, perhaps you’ll feel a little less anxious about being beach body ready the next time you put on that bathing suit and head out for some sun, sand, and surf!

Because, as Chris Angel says: "Everyone is beach body ready."

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