I first met Dennis and Kathy Lang at their full moon yoga class here in Jacksonville Beach and, let me tell you, whether you’re a novice or an experienced yoga practitioner, you will walk away from the experience feeling relaxed, more aware of the mind/body connection, and perhaps inspired – maybe even a little enlightened! After that class, I said: “ I have to have them on the podcast!”

While Dennis and Kathy do teach yoga here at The Beaches, they travel the world , leading yoga/meditation retreats and workshops. You can also find many of their guided meditations and music on the popular meditation app: Insight Timer (which I use almost daily).

But it wasn’t always like this for Dennis and Kathy, and they felt compelled to write about their experience in their book titled: Everything Matters. It’s a story of two driven corporate high climbers who had it all, yet still felt unfulfilled and out of balance. What turned their lives around and led them to newfound health, joy, and careers was completely unexpected - and is available to anyone.

You might be thinking “ Ok, yeah, so they teach yoga – what does that have to do with me?”

It’s my hope that by the time you finish listening to his episode, you’ll know.

Everything Matters!