We'll all get to hear the "Getting Stronger Now" AKA "Gonna Fly Now" (Theme song from Rocky) song again later this year when the new Creed movie is released. SJ Barakony shared the future, past, and present cultural connection to financial, social, mental, and emotional securities. Society should be building up these securities when they are at their peaks for the valleys that are sure to come. Rocky built up his social and emotional from his trainer. He had to get mentally tough for the fights...to win the fights. And I think SJ said in the 5th movie he had to rebuild his finances. He was buying everything and in the process got mentally weak and didn't win that next fight. There was so much good life advice in this episode. SJ also mentioned a few books and I put links to them below if your curiosity was peaked, I know mine was!! At the end of the day, SJ really likes this song for how it makes him FEEL. It's nostalgic. He hypothesized, and I agreed, that this may be the big draw to the new release of Top Gun Maverick. It's like E.T. and the Rocky series. They make us feel good. And I think he hit the nail on the head saying after all the world just survived during the pandemic...it feels good to feel good.

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