EP 40 Stuck in a Funk? Try Some Beach! with Judi Dunlap

What do you do when you’re in a funk?  Do you wallow in your feelings, in thoughts of sadness, self-pity or resentment? - or maybe you stuff it all down, toss a blanket of positivity over it and act like everything’s just beachy" 

Been there, done that.  In fact, for the first few months of this year, I was right there - not full-blown depression - just that sad feeling that followed me around like a Charlie Brown raincloud. 

Imagine everywhere around you it’s sunny - not a cloud in the sky, except for one lonely raincloud that just so happens to be right above your head. Wherever you go, it goes. 

And there’s nothing anyone can do or say that will help you feel better.  You just have to see it, feel it, and then:

Let. It. Go.

That’s what my friend Judi and I are talking about today. 

 She had been in a pretty deep funk and was telling me all about it when I stopped her and said - this would make a great topic for the podcast!  So we hopped on Squadcast (my favorite for remote recording) and recorded our chat. 

 So, if you’ve been in a funk, I hope after listening, you’ll feel a little more like stepping out from under that Charlie Brown rain cloud and into the beachy sunshine. 

Let’s do this!

Do YOU have a beach story to share? Send me a voicemail!  It’s super easy to record - and you can tell all your friends: "I’m on a podcast!"