EP 41 5 Ways to Get to the Beach

Are you craving some beach time?  I’ve been noticing lately that some people seem to be able to tap into that essence of the beach at a moment’s notice, regardless of where they are, and then there are those who need a little bit of help getting there. 

How do you tap into that essence of the beach? When people ask me “what’s your podcast about?” and I tell them  “the beach,” practically everyone replies: “I love, the beach! I want  to  live there!” So I’ve been thinking about some ways to get YOU to the beach - wherever you are.
Because, my dear beach lover - If you can’t get to the beach, I want to bring the beach to you!

Mentioned in the podcast:

  • The color blue
  • Beach decor
  • Ocean sounds
  • Vitamin D
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Thoughts

Links and References:
Mindful Market  (use my code: BEACH at checkout and save 25%!)
Episode 35: Meet Your Soulmate. . .
Episode 26: Ocean Sounds with Christie Pratt

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