Ep 7 Stress, Addiction and Healing with Mindfulness: Gaya Kouba

This is a story of a successful young actor named Gaya Kouba, living in Los Angeles: 

Thriving (or so she thought) while severely sleep deprived

Successful in her craft, while innocently developing a serious addiction  

Driven by a naturally energetic mind and a “work hard no matter what” ethos,  while getting closer and closer to a life threatening crash

That was a decade ago – what about now? 

I first met Gaya (now a corporate HR professional) a little over a year ago at our Toastmasters Club in Orlando.  

Then, I moved to the beach.

And, not too long after, she ended up moving to the beach, too.

When she reached out to me about telling her story on the podcast, I knew it was meant to be:

Her story resonated with me on every level –  work stress, addiction/recovery, mental health AND the desperate search for something, anything, for relief.    

Perhaps YOU are facing similar issues – and if not , I bet you know someone who is. 

Even if you recognize there’s is a problem, you probably talking about it publicly - but Gaya  is. She looks for every opportunity to tell her story.

Because, by telling our story, not only do we help others heal,

We heal

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