Ep 9 Margaret Parnell and Amy McLaughlin on Mental Health and the Role of Telepsychiatry

We have a problem - a big problem - and let’s face it, we’re at a point where we have to talk. Because, it’s getting personal. . .

And what affects one of us, affects us all.

It’s time that we have a talk about awareness of and access to mental healthcare.

Rather than trying to wrap my brain cells around this subject all on my own, I needed professional advice - someone who is on the front lines, caring for our mental health every day.

So, I called on the two most experienced and compassionate mental health practitioners I know,  Margaret Parnell and Amy McLaughlin, to shed some light on the status of mental health care, from their point of view, and inform me about a treatment alternative that is becoming increasingly popular: Telepsychiatry.

“There’s not enough services now, and it’s about to get worse,” says Margaret. “In the next 6 years 50% of psychiatrists are set to retire. . .and there’s not enough going into psychiatry right now to replace them. . .so one of the really important things about Telepsychiatry, in general, is being able to provide services more broadly to more people.”

In today’s episode, Margaret, Amy and I explore:

  • What a healthy community looks like
  • How and why they chose a profession in psychiatric services
  • The current state of mental health care
  • New forms of treatment that make getting the care we need affordable and accessible.

Because, let’s face it - we could ALL use a little help once in a while. 

For more information and to schedule an appointment with Margaret or Amy, contact:   

Margaret Parnell PMHNP-BC

Telepsychiatric Bridge Services, LLC

4300 Marsh Landing Blvd Suite 203, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Phone: 904-686-1512  

Fax: 904-686-2453 


Amy McLaughlin, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Sunpath Wellness

4300 Marsh Landing Blvd Suite 203, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250



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