Episode 64 – Yal'Quetta


Songwriter, Hip Hop Artist, Painter/Visual Artist

"It's not the easiest path to pursue, but if it's your passion you should stick with it."-YalQuetta

At the tender age of six years old, YalQuetta Groover began her journey as an artist. She started out writing and rhyming, but now there is no limit to her creativity. "I started out listening to my cousins and older brother," YalQuetta said, "It appeared to be an outlet for feelings." She auditioned for Ritz Amateur Night when she was 10 years old, where she performed her own lyrics over Master P's, "I Miss My Homies." From there she began recording in a studio. At 14 years old, she wrote and performed a song for Andrew Jackson High School where she won a $100 cash prize for the song that would be played over the intercom every morning to help get the students excited about the FCAT.

Now YalQuetta has one mixtape, "History in The Making, and an EP entitled, "Too Stay." Her well known song. "Out East," is featured on the EP. "I called the EP, "Too Stay" in honor of my late brother Leonard Stay. It's my dedication to him," she says. YalQuttea also paints and writes songs for other artists in Duval when she isn't working on her own music. She had this advice for other artists or those that aspire to be, "It's not the easiest path to pursue, but if it's your passion you should stick with it.

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Random Thoughts of Reign is the head music of writer, poet, author, emcee and curator, Taryn “LoveReigns “ Wharwood. It is the audacity of tough conversation inspired by Conversations with James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni. The conversations were introspective, thought provoking and heart warming in that it truly touched my soul to hear and watch the volley of brilliance and passion. The openness and vulnerability of “my generation” and “your generation” proclamations paved way to one thought: I have met many brilliant souls. I want to talk to them.

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