Episode 94 – Rashad Hawkins

Rashad Hawkins is an author and spoken word poet from Jacksonville, Florida. He has three published works of poetry; Women and Other Catastrophes (2017) Pendulum (2018) and Making Noise (2020). Much of Rashad’s work is inspired by his life experiences, music, and personal relationships.  Facebook: Rashad.Hawkins7 Instagram
Instagram: @Rashadisonarampage3 Tumblr: Rashadisonarampage  Twitter: @Henny_Hawkins 

Random Thoughts of Reign


Random Thoughts of Reign is the head music of writer, poet, author, emcee and curator, Taryn “LoveReigns “ Wharwood. It is the audacity of tough conversation inspired by Conversations with James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni. The conversations were introspective, thought provoking and heart warming in that it truly touched my soul to hear and watch the volley of brilliance and passion. The openness and vulnerability of “my generation” and “your generation” proclamations paved way to one thought: I have met many brilliant souls. I want to talk to them.

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