Episode Sixteen: Influencing with Love

This conversation isn't a deep dive on social media influencers, though we have our favorites (S/O to Babs, stellar cookbook author, and grandmother extraordinaire). Instead, we look at the truth that we all yield some kind of influence. Are we using it for good?  Unfortunately, according to research conducted by Ohio State University's Fisher School of Business, the most common forms of influence lean toward the negative. 

Lynn and Nancy are quick to say "NO" to that approach, instead believing that with more awareness and intentionality we can be the loving influence that our families and communities need to grow and thrive. To help illustrate the point, Nancy shares a story about her husband's encounter with a coffee house employee and highlights the three "YES" choices that were made to influence another for the good.  For the curious-minded, you can find the OSU research article HERE. 

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