Firework with Suzanne T. Moore

I am so impressed with Suzanne and her new book!!  "Hang On Tight" (her book) is all about the life of entrepreneurs.  Firework by Katy Perry is a song Suzanne often uses to raise her vibration and change her mood!  You can't beat the musicality of the song on top of how it really pumps you up!  As an entrepreneur, it's easy to feel alone in your struggles and victories.  Suzanne wrote this book to let others know they are not alone and to come alongside them and show that there are good days and bad days.  Suzanne is also a business coach!  So if she's having an off day...she plays a lil "Firework" to change the mood and get her headed in the right direction again!!

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Memories With A Beat

Tiffany Mason

Music can bring up a memory in seconds! Join me as I interview people to understand how the lyrics to a song make them feel and remember. I’m sure some of your own memories will be sparked! Let’s learn about other’s memories with a beat!

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