Getting OFF the Hamster wheel of Busy: Entrepreneurship & Telehealth (Jess Trimble)

"Do you ever feel like you're constantly running on a hamster wheel, without taking a moment to reflect on your personal and professional goals? In this episode, Dr. Jess Trimble shares her insights on the culture of "busy" in both the veterinary clinic and veterinary entrepreneurship. Is telehealth one of the answers?

Dr. Jess Trimble is a veterinarian and Chief Veterinary Officer at Anipanion, where she leads the development of telehealth solutions for veterinary clinics. As a veterinarian who transitioned from clinical practice to entrepreneurship and telehealth, Dr. Tremble highlights the importance of making small tweaks to improve animal health and businesses. She acknowledges the challenges of introducing new technologies to the veterinary industry but remains passionate about the potential of telehealth to improve patient care and make clinics more efficient.

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Show Highlights:
🟨 Dr. Trimble emphasizes the importance of making small tweaks to improve animal health and businesses and discusses some of the challenges of introducing new technologies to the industry.

🟨 She also addresses the culture of productivity in the veterinary profession and encourages individuals to reflect on their priorities and establish self-care practices.

🟨 Throughout the episode, Dr. Trimble shares her own experiences transitioning from clinical practice to entrepreneurship and telehealth and provides valuable advice for others considering similar career paths.

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