Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) with Amber Cummer

Green Day, a great band from the 90's...or that's how my best friend from High School and I see them.  Don't worry, we know they are current and are still producing great music.  Amber Cummer shared the song "Good Riddance" or we knew it as "Time of Your Life."  This was one of those overplayed songs on the radio during our High School years.  this song floods Amber's mind with memories that include me!  This was definitely a walk down memory lane. Amber reminded me of the car I used to drive and the car her parents let her drive.  The time she lived with me for a minute and the boyfriends we had. Oh and she brought up us roaming the streets in the wee hours of the morning - great idea!!  How dumb we are when we are young or so unaware of how demented this world is.  Amber and I were each other's ride or die and didn't really belong to any clique.  We joke that we are like the girls from the movie Romie and Michelle's High School Reunion.  Now we're living the adult life but no matter how long it has been since we last spoke, she and I pick up like we talked just last week.  I love this long-lasting friendship that started in 6th grade, in Urbandale, IA.

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