Hoops Talk EP.29: NBA Playoffs Coverage 2

Memorial Weekend has passed and a lot of action took place in the NBA Playoffs. One series ended in a clean sweep, all the others going to at least Game 5. Injuries became the theme over the weekend as some series turn a major turn especially with Anthony Davis and Luka Doncic. With that being said, the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers have control of home court again. Utah looks like the top team with Spida Mitchell after dropping Game 1. The Nets and Hawks are in command of their series while the Wizards survived for an extra game. 

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Formerly known as The Playmakerz Blog Podcast, now renamed into Hoops Talk as part of The Playmakerz Blog Network. A basketball podcast covering the NBA and College Basketball. The Playmaker, Darnell Sallins gives his astute opinions and analyses on the games, players, and teams through the long basketball season including the NBA Playoffs and March Madness.

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