Hoops Talk EP.5 Pre-Weekend Show

The Brooklyn Nets are a scary team in the NBA, two big wins on the road in the West Coast shows why. The Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks are heading in the wrong direction. Anthony Davis officially out longer after reevaluation. All-Star Game starters have been announced and details on the game itself has been released. 

Saturday Night Primetime: Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers

College Hoops show why Gonzaga is simply unbeatable at this point. The Big Ten showing their strength as a whole while the ACC is on a downward spiral. The Big 12 will continue to cannibalize itself with big ranked vs. ranked matchups to headline the weekend ahead. 

Marquee Matchups: 15. Texas Tech @ 23. Kansas; 13. West Virginia @ 12. Texas; 3. Michigan @ 4. Ohio State


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