How Do We Speak One Message In Many Languages- Is Interfaith About More Than Religion?

Can I tell you a secret…? It wasn't until I was in middle school that I was aware of “mixed marriages” which, by the way, in MY community meant someone marrying not another Jewish person. Growing up in my shtetl of first-generation immigrants, we married amongst our mother tongue- which was pretty much the same as our religion. Capisce? Lamurit? Entiendes? Farshteist? 

By the time I was in high school, “mixed marriage”  had morphed into “intermarriage”... And by my twenties, it was rebranded as “Interfaith.” But, is Interfaith about more than just religion… Is it code for something we aren’t quite clear on in the context of community - and that is what we are going to tackle today?

My guest is Kyle Reese, Executive Director of OneJax Institute, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote diversity as the foundation for a strong community. They work to increase respect and improve relationships among people who represent the rich menagerie of religious, ethnic, racial and cultural groups that compose the community of Jacksonville, Florida.

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