How to Be Where Your Feet Are with Scott O'Neil

If you were to stop what you’re doing right now to reflect on the last week, month, or even year of your life, do you feel like it has just passed you by? I regularly hear people say, “I cannot believe it’s already this late in the year, time is flying by!” I’ve always been bothered by this because it makes me wonder, are we enjoying our lives or just letting the time fly by while we’re busy being busy? In this episode, I am talking with Scott O’Neil. Scott is the CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, a global sports company that includes some of the most iconic teams in the world, including the NBA's, Philadelphia 76ers, and the NHL’s New Jersey Devils. Today, Scott provides us with a fresh perspective about work and life and how to make both more meaningful by doing what he calls, being where your feet are!


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