How to Handle Haters, Trolls, and Complaints with Jay Baer

In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Jay Baer on Hugging your Haters!

They go over 2 different types of complaints:
1. On-stage
2. Off-stage

They also speak about the Playbook for handling on-stage complaints:

1.     Listen Harder – You have to find where the complaints are, most of the time they are in-direct and may not reach out to you or tag you in their social media post. 

2.     Be Quick – the expectation for response time is fast. 

3.     Respond with Empathy – the reality is that you have no idea what is actually happening in that customers life. Empathy is key to breakthrough in any conversation that has any sort of tension or disagreement in it.

4.     Reply only twice - Don’t get sucked into the argument or conversation. Reply only twice, no matter what they say, or what the circumstances are.

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