How to Negiotiate & Financial Well-Being with Willie Bidot

Dr. Willie Bidot, a board-certified laboratory animal medicine veterinarian and director at the veterinary school at Western University, shares his experiences and insights on contract negotiations in the veterinary space, as well as his deep interest in financial literacy and helping others in veterinary medicine, understand finances. Willie also shares the heartwarming work with his non-profit spay/neuter in Puerto Rico. 

Throughout the episode, Dr. Willie Bidot's passion for veterinary medicine and mentorship shines through, making this a must-listen for anyone in the veterinary field.

Episode highlights include

  1. The how to do contract negotiation and learning to ask for what you want.
  2. How to delegate for peace of mind
  3. How Willie answers the problem of a hurricane hitting his home of Puerto Rico


Non-Profit: Vets for Puerto Rico
Instagram & Facebook follow: @vetsforpr 


Veterinary Financial Summit 

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