I’m On My Diddy
LaSean talks about the fear of thought about dying or failing when taking risks and taking a chance on a possible life changing opportunity. He expresses his empathy for people and how being more empathetic has changed him. He touches on how people may think after they have passed on. In his own way, transitions the conversation to speak on the billboards, Diddy, Tameka Mallory, and Silk Sonic. He speaks on how he feels he is made out to be the Drake in his circle of friends. This available contains language not besiit suitable for most children. Please be advised.

Rise ‘N Sean

LaSean Rice Jr.

We all go through many things in life on a daily basis. Rise ‘N Sean is a podcast that will assist others by speaking on those topics from personal improvement to relationships. This podcast give you that extra dose of motivation and may offer you insight or an alternative perspective on the challenges we face to get you through your day.

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