Interview with fellow Disney lover, Malorie Elrod from Funding Love

On today's episode, we have a special guest you don't want to miss. Malorie Elrod is a Founder of Funding Love, a 501C3 non-profit. Funding Love provides all-expenses paid trips to Walt Disney World for families post-adoption. Read below to learn more about their mission and vision.

 "We create post-adoption experiences that strengthen bonds, build community, and restore people."

"We currently carry out this mission through all-expenses-paid vacations to Walt Disney World. We host two trips a year; one for adoptive families and another for birth families. "

Follow Malorie @malyourpal and Funding Love @fundinglove

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The Tiki Room with Elizabeth and Sarah- Let’s Talk Disney World

Elizabeth & Sarah

Walt Disney World. Whether you go 5 times a year or you’ve never been, you probably have some thoughts about this magical place. Well, we do too. This podcast is dedicated to making Disney enjoyable, without overwhelming you, so you don’t leave and need a vacation from your vacation. So sit back and have a drink with us while we discuss our thoughts about Disney.

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