Invisible String with Marie Ellis Cook
Marie Ellis Cook, A self-proclaimed Taylor Swift expert, was my guest for this episode.  Marie used Taylor Swift music and the emotions she could feel from the music to get through a very tough childhood.  Marie would pay attention to Taylor Swift's actions and imitate them because she was not taught basic human interaction etiquette. So she was basically learning from Taylor Swift.  Marie could not believe it when she saw Taylor Swift in concert!  She was overwhelmed with emotion and in the same town, she found her now-husband.  Due to Marie's childhood and appearance, she didn't feel worthy of anyone's love.  She wondered who would love her? Well she found her Prince Charming and he sang "Lover" by Taylor Swift to their son Sam when Marie was pregnant.  It was also during this pregnancy that the pandemic started.  Marie was left with so much uncertainty and chaos around her with the riots that she used this song to escape and feel safe like she had in the past.  It's a story that started out sad but Marie is using her past trauma to heal others and provide a safe, quiet, conflict-free heaven for her family now.

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Memories With A Beat

Tiffany Mason

Music can bring up a memory in seconds! Join me as I interview people to understand how the lyrics to a song make them feel and remember. I’m sure some of your own memories will be sparked! Let’s learn about other’s memories with a beat!

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